Multi-location-businessesWhen it comes to growth strategy for multi-location businesses, acquisition of competitor locations is quite the common strategy.  By focusing on competitor locations, there are a number of advantages that present themselves, such as quick entry into a market, or economies of scale.  Unless you don’t have a very good understanding of how easy it is to screw up local rankings, it can be pretty easy to know how much you can pay for a brand new location.

The problem is, just because an acquisition sounds good in your mind, or looks good on paper, doesn’t mean it’ll look good in practice.  If you decide to go about with a bad acquisition that seems good at the time, it’ll end up looking like crap when it finally gets on to Google.  In the end, the price will become a lot more expensive than you though it was going to be.  That’s not good, no matter how you look at it.

But if obtaining new locations is a route that you want to go, then there are certain things you’ll want to be sure that you are covered.  You’ll need a to-do list that’ll you’ll want to make sure gets into the hands of your deal guys, as well as who ever manages the digital part of the transaction.  But what is the to-do list that you want to make sure gets into these people’s hands?

 has a post on Search Engine Land that lists 10 points that you’ll want to cover in your acquisition endeavor.  To check out the list, you can follow the link I’ve provided below to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.  Check it out!

Search Engine Land: Acquiring A New Location And Avoiding Messing Up The Local SEO