Moves are being made by Google that will extend Google Shopping listings further into Image search results for products.

The ads show up with a tag icon and “Product” label located in the bottom left corner before the organic image results.  Even though it’s not currently known when this appeared, the head of insights at Hallam Internet Ltd, Jonathan Ellins, in the UK noticed it on Thursday.  It is now appearing in the US as well.  Take note that the shopping carousel doesn’t appear on Image results in the UK at this time as it does in the US.

This is how the results appear in the US with the Shopping carousel above the listings.

By clicking on a Product-labeled ad, the user is brought to a Google Shopping page instead of directly to the retailer site.

The carousel of ads to Image search was officially introduced by Google in March 2016.  Google, for the purposes of advertising, categorizes Image search as a search partner.  This means that Shopping campaigns must be opted-in to search partners in order to appear in Image results.

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