Currently, the buzz surrounding chatbots has been growing to a dull roar.  Even if consumers have grown wary of bots because of privacy concerns and usability issues, the next generation of fast-learning, fast-acting chatbots is quickly being adopted by companies who want to improve customer service and lower operational cost.  It was estimated by Gartner that by 2020, 85 percent of customer interactions with a company is going to be carried out without a lick of human interaction.

Soon, very soon, both retailers and customers are going to jump into the thick of stress, chaos and the over all excitement of the holiday retail season.  But, if retailers are smart and plan ahead, they will deploy chatbots to change the customer experience and transform the sales game.

In order to obtain the full benefits of chatbots during the holidays, retailers will have to begin reinforcing their current customer care funnel with bots now.  This way, there will be time to work out the kinks, ensuring that the machines are truly intelligent before the holiday madness really begins.

Why should retailers embrace chatbots in preparation for the holiday season?  Check out the full article by  to find out.

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