Graphic from Adjust

Fraudulent reporting of app installs is a very common mobile-specific issue that confront marketers.

As an example, you could look at ad campaigns promoting a new game app, and it is often set up on a pay-for-performance basis, so those responsible for convincing users to install receive payments for every app that is installed within the time window surround that campaign.  But fake installs means that app publishers behind these campaigns end up paying for fakes.

But fortunately, app measurement Adjust came out with a new solution that combats what it says is a very widespread — but rarely discussed — kind of app install fraud that started spreading last year.  The company says that this kind of fraud can affect up to 80 percent of the reported installs for any given campaign.

This is replay attacks, or SDK spoofing.  Adjust Specialist Andreas Naumann said that it’s the latest evolution in app install fraud.

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