adobe-logo-bannerThis week, Adobe has made a series of announcements that users, when using their services, can dynamically insert ads into live video, and can measure any video stream down to the nearest ten seconds.

These announcements were made at the International Broadcasting Conference (IBC), which is currently taking place in Amsterdam.

Adobe Primetime, which is the company’s tool that supports multiscreen TV, can now replace a broadcast ad with a dynamically targeted ad in a single live video stream.  Adobe is calling this type of online video TV Everywhere, which is Net-delivered video that requires a cable subscription logon, such as Xfinity programming delivering online.

Campbell Foster, Adobe Primetime Marketing Director previously told  that his company didn’t offer this sort of ad insertion for live broadcasts, which was employed during a pilot phase during the recent Olympics.

As an example, if NBC was live streaming something online to cable subscribers, Adobe was able to replace, in real-time, the ads that were used for broadcast.  The inserted ad would be targeted as specific users, using data from cable systems, third-parties like Oracle’s data management platform BlueKai, device types, and other sources.

“Nobody else can do live ad replacement, whether or not it’s authenticated, at our scale,” Foster said.

Adobe even announced that their  Analytics product can now analyze any video stream in ten-second increments.

It was previously stated by Foster that the company was able to only measure in 25 percent increments related to the nearest server call for starts and stops, such as the number of people watching during half of a video stream.  But now, it’s able to measure the number of watchers in ten second chunks, which lets them provide a more refined measurement of video audiences.

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