AdRoll-logo-1920-800x180AdRoll, the ad retargeting platform, has decided to branch out some new customer acquisition marketing with act-alike audience targeting, which is based on a pool of advertisers’ first-party data.

The product, which is called Prospecting, launches in beta form on Wednesday.  According to AdRoll, there are over 1,000 advertisers who are participating in early test phases.  Advertisers can opt-in and share their anonymous first-part customer data as far back as seven years.

The concept behind Prospecting is that it analyses shopping behavior patterns, shopping cart information, number of ads viewed, along with other signals found within an advertisoer’s data set, and then matches the signals against other audiences in the data pool.  This is what AdRoll calls the IntentMap.  Once the signals get matched up, the ads will be dynamically targeted to new uers in the popol who demonstrate similar intent behavior on devices across Facebook and the web for ad targeting.

Adam Berke, AdRoll president and CMO had this to say:

“This launch represents a new chapter in AdRoll’s mission of helping performance advertisers.  AdRoll Prospecting and the IntentMap represent a new way for marketers to leverage their valuable customer data, using it as a currency to gain access to high value audiences. When diversified first-party data is pooled at scale, our entire network benefits with better performance and incremental new customers.”

According to AdRoll, retargeting campaigns can resonate better with these new “upper-funnel” Prospecting audiences.  AdRoll stated that ZenPayroll reached better qualified leads than from other display channels, as well as seeing an 8x lift in retargeting engagement.  Because of the AdRoll Prospecting audiences, ZenPayroll saw a 20 percent conversion updraft as well.

If you are an advertiser, you can now apply to participate in the beta.  Don’t worry about the size of your company, as participating companies are ranging from small businesses to large, enterprise-level advertisers, across multiple verticals.

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