google-logoDuring the SMX Adanced Local Workshop on June 21st, Google had confirmed that ads will be coming to the Local Pack.  When will we be seeing ads appear?  Well, it looks like the exact time and precise appearance/placement are yet to be determined

Ali Turhan, Google’s Global Product Lead for Local Ad discussed some of the new AdWords features as they pertain to local during the pre-conference Workshop.  Among some of these features, Ali showed a screen shot, which Joy Hawkins tweeted, but it wasn’t officially authorized for distribution at this point.

Looking at the image above, we can see a smartphone that features a local 3-pack.  The first listing was an add, and the following 2 were organic listings.  Although Turhan made mention that this was shown weeks ago at Google’s Performance Summit n San Francisco, the announcement wasn’t part of any keynotes.

Turhan explained that Google was still testing, and because of that, the result could ultimately be different from what was being shown.

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