Google-Maps-ImagePreviously, Google had announced that it would be displaying ads on Google Maps, as well as Google Maps for Mobile in the scrolling list view it debuted recently.

The ads will appear above the organic listings, and will also include any potential location extensions and call extensions.  The location extensions allow advertisers to include ratings, store hours, as well as Street View image of the business in their ads.  Another advantage of location extensions is that businesses are able to be spotlighted with an in-map ad, or ad marker.  With the in-map ad, an offer or description can be expanded to show more business information.

When a desktop user overs on an ad marker, the ad an any ratings for that business will be displayed.  If you click on the ad marker, a complete set of details will appear in the list view.


And if you’re on mobile, Ad markers on Google Maps will be shown with the yellow “Ad” icon.  The show the ad headline, as well as an additional line of copy on the map.  Mobile users will be able to tap or swipe upward on the ad if they want to see more business details.



Ads On Google Maps Now Show In New Scrolling List View, In-Map Ads Get A New Look