google-adsense-logo-1920Two new ad types have been rolled out by Google for mobile AdSense publishers.  These new types, Anchor and Vignette ads, are being grouped under what Google is calling Page-level ads, are now available to all publishers.

In order to get things going, publishers will place one piece of code on all pages that will display ads.

The original AdSense Anchor ads (called overlay ads) were launched back in 2013.  Of course, over the years, they’ve changed and evolved sense then to become better.  The ads are anchored to the edge of the users’ screen and can be dismissed by the web surfer.

The two formats won’t count toward the three-ads-per-page limit and will serve on only mobile-optimized webpages displaying on smartphones.  According to Google, anchor and vignette ads are just the first of many Page-level ad formats to come.

Below is a video that shows off more details and instructions on how to get started.  The AdSense video is focuses on Page-level ads:

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