AdStage Now Supports Google Shopping Campaigns Management

Adstage AdStage, the self-serve ad management platform, unveiled support for Google Shopping campaigns through a new integration with Google Merchant Center.

With this new integration, users will now be able to manage and report on Shopping campaigns from the AdStage platform.  From this platform, you can also facilitate ad management for AdWords text ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook campaigns.  With the addition of Google shopping campaign support, this seems pretty awesome.

There’s a lot of functionality that is offered to advertisers through the Merchant Center integration, which includes creating new Google Shopping campaigns, the ability to set up automated rules, and the optimization of campaigns based on Google Analytics reporting.  All of this can be accessed from within AdStage.   Google Analytics integration rolled out back in June.

According to AdStage, Google Shopping support is one of many upcoming updates for e-commerce marketers.  Some of the other features that are coming out incluedes:

  • Pinterest ads
  • Facebook carousel ad formats
  • Twitter product pages

Sahil Jain, AdStage CEO and co­-founder had this to say:

“We’re expanding the AdStage platform capabilities to be more flexible for eCommerce advertisers. We’re working on even more new features to that will provide cross­-network value for this audience.  We’re sticking to our overall vision for the platform, to help advertisers consolidate their ad efforts by bringing in all their advertising tools under one umbrella.”

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Pricing for plans starts at $199 a month.

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