500px-RedditWho has had any level of experience with Reddit, whether it be reading articles and posts or actually posting content on the social community site?  But what is Reddit exactly?  I have always found myself trying to find a good way to explain what this site is already about.  In a nutshell, it’s a site where people can post links, pictures, videos and articles that they have found across the web and can now be found in one central site, Reddit.com.  To get a little more in depth, you can watch the video below to get more information on the site, assuming you’ve never heard of the Reddit before.

 But lets say you’re an advertiser, and you’re trying to find some great marketing opportunities and you’ve stumbled upon Reddit.  Typically, there isn’t anything inherently bad about posting some marketing content on Reddit, but it is generally frowned upon, especially if the content is done in the wrong way.  The thing is, Reddit is basically a community, and like any tight knit community, they don’t like spammers.  Redditors like to keep the integrity of the site as pristine as they can from those who are making feeble attempts at commercial gain.

But there is always good news in this endeavor.  If you can find the right way to do your “advertising” well, Reddit can be a fantastic way of getting the word out about what you’re trying to sell.  Another bit of good news is that Reddit seems to be finally getting serious about monetizing the business and attaining profitability.  Reddit is starting to put out new features for advertisers and marketers by offering free campaigns for international advertisers to get started.

But how do you get to a point where you can actually advertise on Reddit?   will have some answers for you in an article he has written in an article posted on the Moz Blog entitled, “The Advertiser’s Guide To Surviving Reddit.”  In his post, Anthony will help you understand what it takes to successfully deal with the folks who constantly read and post on Reddit.

You can check out his post by following the link below.

Moz Blog: The Advertiser’s Guide To Surviving Reddit