shopping-campaigns-bulk-uploads-800x318Google has decided to add bulk uploads for Shopping Campaigns to AdWords, which in turn will help make management easier for marketers.  With bulk uploads, you will be able to make mass changes to Shopping campaigns’ product groups, bids, tracking templates and custom parameters with bulk uploads.

To get started on how to do bulk uploads,

  1. First you start off in the Product Groups tab in AdWords.
  2. Once there, you select all the columns you want in your report, although you can’t use segments
  3. Once you’ve selected what you want, click the download button
  4. Save a copy of the original for when you need to go back to the original setup
  5. Make changes in another copy of the exported document (saved as a .xlsx, .tsv, or .csv file)
  6. After the changes are made, upload the spreadsheet back into your account to have them all applied automatically.

Google says, “For tracking templates and custom parameters, you can make changes to all product groups that aren’t subdivided, except for those marked Excluded.”

Here, you’ll find a breakdown of the ways product groups are divided in a bulk export.


Check out the support page here for more details on using bulk uploads for Shopping campaigns.

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