Bing-Ads-vs.-Google-AdWords1The end of the week can be bittersweet.  On one hand, you’re at the end of the week, and you’re looking forward to the weekend.  But on the other hand, the end of the week could be stressful too.

For paid search managers, it looks like troubles are brewing, as Google AdWords reporting isn’t downloading or printing.  The issue began on Thursday, and continued into Friday, as users got the “red bar of death,” which informed them that “there was an error with your operation.”


Google acknowledged that there was an issue on  Twitter, as well as the advertiser community form.  Google says that their engineers are working on it.

It wasn’t just Google having issues, as Bing Ads reporting delays that affected the Web UI, mobile and API.  Later that day, a majority of the metrics were back up to date, with the exception of conversions and Bing Shopping Campaign (BSC) data.

As of 3:00 PM PST on 02/25/2016, Ad Campaign performance reporting (Impression, Clicks, Spend) is up to date and processing normally, whereas conversion and BSC data is still catching up and running 6 hours behind.

Some Bing Ads advertisers noticed during the night that they had their accounts paused for under an hour.  The folks who were affected would receive email notifications.   Another issue for Bing Ads included “some product offers not matching to their shopping campaigns as well as a drop in impression volume starting February 24, 2016.” Bing Ads says the data is now updating.


Bing Ads had a prolonged reporting snag that caused historical data to not be fully available for over a week.


To monitor progress on these issues, visit the threads on the AdWords Community Forum and theBing Ads Platform Health Blog.

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