This week, Google rolled out the latest version of AdWords Editor that includes some new features, such as the ability to download search terms reports, more robust filtering options, account-level extension associations and more.

When users view keyword lists in AdWords Editor, the Search Terms tab will now be available.  Clicking on the Search Terms tab, it’ll bring up a window where advertisers can select campaigns, ad groups and the metrics they want to download and analyze.  There is even an option to save the reporting preferences.

A new Search Terms tab in AdWords Editor, available from the Keywords list, allows advertisers to download search terms reports.

There are eight different functions available to choose from that can be found in the advanced search box that allows advertisers to build queries on items contained in the item being filtered when those items meet specific criteria.

As an example, it’s possible to choose to show campaigns with less than a particular number of keywords or only display keywords whose owing ad group meets certain conditions.  More details can be found on using the filter functions on the help page.

This latest version ofAdWords Editor supports account-level extension associations, interest categories for Search and Shopping campaigns, custom intent audiences, TrueView for action campaigns and responsive search ads, which are now in beta.

See the full list of capability updates here.

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