There is an updated version of AdWords Editor that has been released that includes some new capabilities for app marketers, as well some extra stuff for others.

One of the new things available in Editor includes Display app install campaigns, which allows users to create and edit a mobile app install campaign for Display from Editor.


App extensions are also available and can be found in the Shared Library in Editor.  It can be added and linked to text ads, and can be linked to apps available in Google Play or Apple App Store.

Next, we have review extensions, which are quotes or paraphrases of reviews from well-regarded organizations, are available in the Shared Library as well.

The final addition to the new feature lineup of version 11.4 of the AdWords Editor is the frequency capping option for Display and Video campaigns in Editor.  With this new option, you won’t have to worry about setting up a Display campaign in Editor and having to remember to go to the UI to update this key setting.  You can find the Frequency setting in the setting for Enhanced CPC in the Campaign settings section.  If you click on the “Edit” option, you’ll be greeted with a window which will let you enter impression caps for either campaign type.  For Display impression caps, they can be set at the campaign, ad group, or ad level.





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