google-adwords-redwhite-1920There’s some good news for paid search managers who work to get expanded text ads implemented.  Only a day passed since rolling out expanded text ads globally, an update to AdWords Editor was released, which supports the longer ad.

If you have AdWords Editor already installed on your computer, then you’ll be prompted to update to version 11.5 the next time it’s opened.  There is a new expanded text ads (ETA) section that can be found under Ads in the left navigation, which is located above the original Text ads setup area.


Users are being encouraged by Google to test ETAs against existing ads for a period before migrating completely to the new format.  Keep in mind that the standard text ads won’t be accepted any longer after October 26.

Rather than setting up separate Mobile Preferred ads, ETAs will only allow advertisers to set a separate final mobile URL.  This means that there isn’t any way to create distinct mobile messaging unless you set up separate mobile campaign, which will now be feasible as device bidding rolls out.

If the attempt is made to set a final mobile URL, an error will appear, which will tell you to set a final URL.

Some other features that are supported in the new version of AdWords Editor includes:

  1. Better Advanced Search — This isn’t a splashy update, but it’s a big improvement (This is one area where Bing Ads Editor has outshined AWE.)
  2. Creating and editing structured snippet extensions
  3. Adding and editing mobile app engagement ads for Android apps
  4. The ability to post changes from multiple accounts simultaneously, upload a CSV to multiple accounts or download information from multiple accounts to one CSV file.

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