It’s almost as if Google wants advertisers to adopt their best practices, since version 12 of AdWords Editor has a whole new section that shows you where you’re not complying, along with some other new features.

There’s a new section called “Custom Rules” that can be found in the left navigation pane in AdWords Editor (AWE).  This new section reports on warnings for not having at least four sitelink or callout extensions, using manual bidding, not having search audiences assigned to campaigns not having conversion tracking set up and more.  Plus, to help drill into our heads that they want advertisers to stop basic A/B ad testing, the AdWords Editor has a built-in custom rule to show how many ad groups have fewer than three ads.

The following screen shot shows the list of built-in custom rules.  They’ll show up even if there aren’t any violations, just with a “0” in that column.

In the screen shot, you’ll see a pane for setting up your own custom rules that will allow users to quickly spot warnings and errors.  You will be able to build the filter for the custom rule in the violation criteria box.  Custom rules ccacn be set up to apply to campaign and ad group labels, which can be pretty useful.

To then see what entities are in violation for any custom rule, there are a couple of ways to go about it:

  1. From the Custom rules section, you can right-click on a rule and select “Show violations” at the bottom of the menu (h/t Jonathan Maltz).
  2. You can build a filter by clicking in the filters box and scrolling down to select among the drop-down options under “Custom rule violation filters,” as Frederic Harnois pointed out in the tweet below.


One of the things you’ll notice after updating to the new AWE 12 is the subtle new design change.  As far as features go, this new version of AWE supports maximizng conversion  bid strategy, image uploads for Universal App campaigns and responsive ad creation and editing.

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