AdWords Express, the simplified ad platform designed for small business,  which was launched in the platform last year, is is adding support around calls to a business with two types of call notifications.

After the call received via a search ad ends, the advertiser will receive a notification on their phone to leave feedback about the relevancy of the call.  The feedback prompt will appear as a “yes,” “no,” or “not sure” question:

Once answered, the feed back will be delivered to Google.  The intention behind the feedback is to improve targeting that will yield higher-quality calls over time.

There is another offering which provide a solution for small business owners who are often juggling more than one thing at a time, and end up missing calls from possible customers.  But not anymore, as a notification will appear from the AdWords Express app alerting the advertiser that a call was missed.  The business owner can hit the “Call Back” to get back in touch with the caller.

In order to enable these features, go into the AdWords Express app and opt in for Account Updates within Settings.


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