google-logo-feature-1030x686There are three new reports Google is introducing on cross-device activity, along with a reorganization of the Attribution section under the Tools menu in AdWords.

In the US, six out of ten online conversions starts on one device and ends on another.  Because of this, these new reports are designed to help marketers track cross-device conversions paths, as well as those that feature search ad clicks from more than one device in conversion path.  This information is all according to a Google/Ipsos study.

The new cross-device activity reports:

  • Devices: an overview of the cross-device activity in your account.
  • Assisting Devices: shows assist levels  and values by each device type — mobile, tablet, desktop.
  • Device Paths: the top conversion paths for visitors who used more than one device before converting.


By looking at the screen above, you’ll see that the existing conversion, path and click analysis reports have been rolled up under their own sections within the Attribution reporting menu.  The new reports and layout are going to be rolled out over the next several weeks.

Not only has this announcement been made, Google has even released benchmarks on cross-device conversion activity for search campaigns in the US, Japan, German and Great Britain.

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