google-adwords-redwhite-1920Last week, it was reported that Google announced they’ll be automatically applying recommended bids when setting up categories in AdWords dynamic search ad (DSA) campaigns.

On one hand, that sound very convenient, but on the other hand, not so much, as why would you want to have your recommended bids automatically applied without your control?  It obviously sounds like Google is taking control away from you, but what’s nice is that you’re given the ability to override the automated recommended bids when setting up new categories.  But with the fact that Google is now giving you the option to automatically replace your bids can be great for certain campaigns.

Here’s a reason why it could be good to utilized the automatic bid replacement from the announcement:

For example, if you have four categories selected: “sandals,” “running shoes,” “loafers,” and “flip flops,” you no longer have to manually set bids for each one. You can also adjust recommended bids or leave the field empty to use the ad group’s default bid.

The bid recommendations are “based on the performance of your existing keywords that are targeting similar search queries.”  Even with this new feature, you should always review your recommendations before implementing them or before launching a new campaign.  Also, keep in mind that the recommendations are based on your own account activity.  This could be a great jumping off point for the advertiser.


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