If you’ve been paying attention when searching for local businesses lately, you may have noticed seeing multiple locations being displayed in mobile search ads.  Even if you haven’t noticed any of these ads yourself, you will now know to look for them because Google has made public the announcement on Google+.

If you so happen to be near several business locations, you will see up to three separate locations within the ad. With the extension, the street address and the distance from the user’s current location will be displayed.  Users will be able to call or get directions for each location.  This will be great if you have more than one business location.

“If your business has multiple locations, your mobile search ads on Google.com can now show up to three different locations.”

If you’re wondering, the change will be automatic.  Below is that shows a block of three locations in a mobile search ad.






AdWords Now Shows Up To 3 Business Locations In Google Mobile Search Ads