An AdWords Script To Make Exact Match, Well…Exact

Google logo 874x288Not long ago, Google made an executive decision to terminate exact match, because more than likely, they wanted more advertising dollars coming in.  Because of Google’s decision, quite a number of SEM people were none to happy about it.

There was even a petition created in response on change.org was created in response to Google’s action, asking to reverse the change.  But, low and behold, a script has been written to automatically make exact matches exact again.

With this script, it can be run at the MCC level for all accounts, or specific accounts of your choosing, even down to the campaign or ad group.  The code itself can be found in a recent post on Search Engine Land, and by copying that code, you can paste it straight into a script in your AdWords account.

In order to find out all the details about this script and how to make it work, follow the link below straight to the post written by Daniel Gilbert on Search Engine Land!

Search Engine Land: An AdWords Script To Make Exact Match, Well…Exact