Google AdWordsAdWords Scripts are usually a neglected feature when it comes to PPC.  Scripts can take untold amounts of time and coding knowledge and experience to create, making it a turn to those who aren’t coders.  So yeah, AdWords Scripts can be pretty intimidating.  But those of us in the business knows that AdWords Scripts can give us quite the powerful tool for paid search, so it doesn’t hurt to know how to create and implement them, or at least know somebody who can on your team.

There is a three part series covers tips for Scripts users, ranging from beginner all the way up to advanced, written by , which was inspired by a presentation she saw given by AdWords Community Contributor,John Gritton.

In the first post, Part 1, Learning how to read scripts, Ginny will show us the anatomy of a script, and then break out each piece in more detail.  Check out her post by following the link below!

Search Engine Land: AdWords Scripts For Every Level: Part 1, Learning How To Read Scripts