Google AdWordsYesterday, I put up a blog post that pointed towards a piece written by  that focused on AdWords Scripts.  In Ginny’s post, she told us that she was going to present to us a three part series on Scripts, and that her first post taught learning how to read scripts.

Today, the second of Ginny’s three part series using AdWords Scripts is now live.  Now that we know how to read Scripts, we are going to learn about some of the issues that new scripts users run into.

Some of the things covered in the post include:

  • Editing AdWords Scripts
  • Troubleshooting Scripts
  • When you should be using Scripts or ad customizers

So if you’re still a Scripts newbie and you want to take the next step in learning about Scripts, follow the link below!

Search Engine Land: AdWords Scripts For Every Level: Part 2, Intermediate Tips For Editing & Troubleshooting