Adwords Scripts Grows Up With MCC Level Scripts

Scripts 1 1 How many of you SEOs uses AdWords Scripts for their AdWords accounts?  Well, if you you do, most of you probably only use them for small account setups.  Chances are, anyone who uses these scripts are a little weary of them, as if you try building out larger script frameworks, especially ones that span several accounts, you may be taking on a little bit more risk.  If you find a bug in one script, and you’ve already installed the buggy script code into several accounts, guess what?  You’re going to be going into each account and manually update them.  That’s something you’re probably not going to want to spend your valuable time doing.

If you haven’t met already, I’d like to introduce you to MCC level scripts.  This function, which is in beta, was announced last month, and now has the ability to solve some of these problems.  What does this new MCC level script function do exactly?  It lets you host all of your scripts in your MCC and apply them to every account you have at the same time.  How’s that for a little more convenience?

There’s certainly more information you can learn about these MCC level scripts, and the information was posted on Search Engine Land by .  To learn more about what they can do, visit Russel’s post by following the link provided below.

Search Engine Land: Adwords Scripts Grows Up With MCC Level Scripts