google-adwords-square-logoThere are many techniques and tricks that SEOs use when they are implementing AdWords campaigns.  But sometimes, the problem is that many of them, although they work just fine, might be a little tired.  Many techniques that are used are ones that everybody uses, because everybody else uses them.  Maybe it’s time to try to start thinking of using a little bit of a twist to the things you do as an SEO to your AdWords campaigns.

Sometimes if you get into conversations with other SEOs, you can start learning about the things that they do to get more leads and sales.  What sort of techniques do they use to get their numbers?  Maybe what they’re doing is better than what you are currently doing.  In this case, it was a great idea to strike up a conversation with that SEO, wasn’t it?

Maybe if you ask nice enough, maybe he’ll share some of his techniques with you that are greatly helping him out.   is one such SEO.  Even better, we didn’t even have to ask him.  He volunteered to share with us five techniques that he found that has the ability to increase your leads and even boost your sales.

Here are the things he will go into depth about:

  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Review Extensions
  • Mobile Optimised Ads
  • Call Tracking
  • Attribution Modelling for Paid Search assists

To get all the details, read up on Mark’s column on AdWords techniques you probably aren’t using.