Hey everybody, there’s a brand new project that we’re itching to get out to the public, and it’s called Allmade, which was founded by a group of screen printers who believes in a better way of making a shirt.   Here is an overview of the project, straight from the site:

T-shirts made from recycled plastic and organic cotton, sewn in Haiti for a living wage, with proceeds going to orphan prevention and care… ● Each shirt contains the equivalent of 3 plastic bottles ● Organic cotton grown, spun, knitted, dyed, and finished in the US ● Sewn in a modern facility in Haiti for 5x the going wage ● Minimal shipping reduces ocean pollution ● Proceeds benefit the Global Orphan Project

The Allmade project is helping to create a living wage in Haiti,and the shirts that is being made there are eco-friendly.  By backing the project, you’ll be creating jobs in Haiti, creating shirts that will help the environment and will even benefit orphan care and prevention in the country.

Please check out the Allmade Indiegogo page by following this link and help out by making a donation.