AmazonThere isn analysis that was done by Consumer Inteligence Research Partners (CIRP) that reports that Amazon Prime has 65 million US members, which is up from 63 million Prime members in July.

CIRP says that 52 percent of US Amazon customers are Prime members.  This number remains unchanged from the figures that were released by CIRP back in July.  The firm points out that Prime membership growth has slowed down to three percent sequentially vs. seven percent from last year.

A year ago, according, there were 47 million Prime members.


An interesting big of information is that Prime members usually spend $1,200 per year vs. $600 for non-members customers.The firm had previously estimated that non-Prime members were spending an average of $500 at Amazon annually.

Assuming the accuracy of CIRP’s figures, revenue from US Amazon Prime customers should be reaching $78 billion this year.  Amazon’s full-year revenues were rougly $107 billion.

It’s been estimated by CIRP that 19 percent of Prime members pay 10.99 monthly, instead of paying the $99 a year.

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