Amazon Adds Customer Acquisition Metrics For Display, Video, Sponsored Brands Campaigns

New metrics have been introduced by Amazon that capture insights on new customers that converted from ad campaigns.

The “new-to-brand” metrics are available for video, display and Sponsored Brands ad campaigns (the ads that showcase several products formerly called headline search ads).

The segment includes ad-converting customers that purchased a brand’s products on Amazon for the first time in the past 12 months. The set of metrics even includes new-to-brand purchases, cost per new customer and new-to-brand purchase rate.

Being able to segment and analyze how well and how effectively, these branding-oriented campaign types convert new customers will give advertisers a clearer view into which formats and channels work best to achieve their acquisition and customer loyalty goals.T

It seems that these metrics are only available for conversions that occur on Amazon.

Even though being able to see new customer acquisition metrics isn’t all necessarily a big deal on its own, this addition is part of a series of updates Amazon has been making to its advertising platform.

Video and display campaigns run across, Amazon owned and operated properties such as IMDB, Amazon devices and third-party sites that are part of Amazon’s ad network.

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