According to a presentation given at the Computer Electronics Show (CES) by Amazon’s Mike George, Amazon Alexa now has more than 7,000 “skills” (voice apps).

Alexa is making a push to be included in a broad range of third-party connected devices, just like what Microsoft is doing with Cortana.  Earlier this week, Lenovo showed off an Alexa-powered Echo-like speaker.  Aside from Alexa itself, Amazon is making the full range of skill available to third-party developers and manufacturers as well.

The problem seems to be that Skills discovery is more difficult than smartphone app discovery since there isn’t any good voice-based way to find skills, although it’s possible to discover skills via the Alexa app or online.

Due to Alexa’s introduction into the market, Google has announced that “The Google Assistant is making its way to Android TV in the coming months.”

The Google Assistant will search for and play media, but Google even sees the Assistant on TV s smart home controller and general search tool (like Home).  The following example actions/commands for Google Assistant on your TV includes:

  • Play content: “Play Stranger Things on Netflix.”
  • Discover content: “Search YouTube for Jimmy Kimmel.” And you can also ask a follow-up if you’re interested in more videos by saying: “Play the second one.”
  • Get answers: “Tell me about Jurassic Park.”
  • Set the right mood: “Dim the lights.”
  • Get ready for your day: “How long will it take to get to work?”

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