Based on a new analysis and forecast from eMarketer, Amazon owns 70 percent of the “Voice-Enabled Speaker Market.” According to the firm, more than 35 million people in the US will be using one of these stand-alone devices at least monthly in 2017.

Even more, 60 million in the US is going to use digital assistants on any device, such as smartphones, in 2017, says eMarketer.  That’s more than 27 percent of people using smartphones.

Here’s how eMarketer breaks down market share:

  • Amazon Echo: 70.6 percent
  • Google Home: 23.8 percent
  • Others (Lenovo, LG, Harmon Kardon, Mattel): 5.6 percent

eMarketer says that those between 25 and 34 represent the heaviest users of these speaker devices.

The 70 percent market share that Amazon has might underestimate Amazon’s position.  Projections from others put Amazon’s market share much closer to 90 percent.

Based on information from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, about 11 million Amazon customers now own an Echo device.  Out of all of those, 52 percent of them own the lower-cost Echo Dot.  Amazon is reportedly also going to introduce a new Alexa-powered device with a touchscreen.

There is over 80 million Amazon Prime members, which could be a proxy for Echo’s market opportunity.

Apple is rumored to be working on a stand-alone Siri-powered device.

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