Amazon’s Sponsored Products advertising format is expanding to AmazonFresh brands.  The news of this expansion went out to partners on Thursday via notification by Amazon.

With this, brands will be able to add their ASINs (Amazon’s version of a product identifier code) with AmazonFresh offers to new or existing Sponsored Products campaign.

Sponsored Products will be displayed in both search results pages and related product detail pages, and will be sold on a cost per click basis, similar to Shopping campaigns on Bing and Google.

AmazonFresh is the grocery delivery program found on the Amazon site.  Users who are able to use this feature (AmazonFresh is available only in select markets) can order fresh meat and produce, household, health and beauty products and have them delivered to their doors.

CPG brands will have a way to try standing out among the huge array of products offered in the Fresh program.  This is yet another avenue for ad monetization for Amazon.

“Brands who start advertising now will get the lowest CPCs in history,” expects Trevor George of Bluewheel Media, an Amazon agency partner. “First brands to advertise will benefit from it. Not to mention, there is greater potential for scale over brands who wait to pounce on this opportunity.”

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