amazon-logoAs online shoppers go, it looks like we’ve made quite the move towards a more visual experience.  Since this is the case, it seems that Amazon, the industry’s largest name, has taken notice of this trend.  Taking this trend into consideration, Amazon has come out with a new feature called Stream, which is a visual repository of “Beautiful things, updated daily.”  This service allows users to instantly view products and also make the purchase directly from Amazon.



Even though Stream looks a bit like both Fancy and Pinterest, this is where the comparison stops.  Pinterest and Fancy offers customized shopping experiences, but this isn’t yet the case with Amazon’s Stream.  But on a similar note though, is the way you can save products that a users desires, allowing you to add it to a “Your Saves” list:



What the saves list basically is is a place where you can store items.  One of the other strange things about Stream is that all of the current products are sponsored.  At this point, it looks like in order for an item to be shown in Stream, it must be included in “Amazon’s Sponsored Products” program.

It seems that right now, Stream is pretty clunky, as it has just come out of the gate, especially when compared to Pinterest or Fancy, but because it’s Amazon, I would assume they’ll pick up speed and get Stream up to working order sooner rather than later.

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