Amazon Introduces ‘Echo Show,’ A New Alexa Device With A Screen That Can Make Calls

There other news outlets who have reported that Amazon is introducing a new Alexa-powered device that will feature a touchscreen, which will really change up the market for digital assistant devices.  It’ll cost $229 and will be available on June 28.

This new deice is like a 7-inch Amazon Fire tablet with Alexa and a good set of speakers.  Amazon is offering $100 off if people buy two of the devices.

One of the new features of this device is called the Show, which enables users to make calls “to family and friends who have an echo or the Alexa App.”  Video and music streaming is also supported.  Amazon is promising better sound as well.  If music is playing, song lyrics will be displayed on screen.

A video on the Amazon site shows a wide range of uses, such as watching how-to videos on YouTube, video calls, as well as using it as a baby monitor.

Even though you can technically make calls on the new device, it’s still limited, but it’s a significant development, along with the screen.  The Cortana-powered Harmon Kardon speaker will also make calls using Skype.

Eventually, consumers will be able to connect to businesses through these digital assistant devices, and they will become a measurable way to drive calls and conversions.

With the introduction of this new screen, there is a whole new set of capabilities, as well as marketing and advertising capabilities.  This means that, quite possibly, could see more rivals matching the feature in their own products?

Who knows how cool this particular kind of device will be until it’s in the hands of the people.

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