Amazon1This holiday season, if we didn’t think that people searched and made purchases through their mobile devices, we sure do now.  Amazon said, without releasing exact numbers, that almost 70 percent of their customers shopped via a mobile device this holiday season.  The company also said that the number of Amazon app shoppers more than doubled in the same period.

Amazon has had a tradition of having a post-Christmas news release, where the company recaps a number of significant, as well as not-so-significant, shopping milestones.  The stats stating that almost 70 percent of Amazon shoppers made purchases through mobile devices have been included in Amazon’s news release.

Another point of interest is the significant growth of Prime, which is Amazon’s paid subscription service.  This service offers free or discounted shipping among several other customer perks.  Like before, Amazon didn’t give out any specific numbers on how many Prime members they have, but the release says vaguely that there are “tens of millions of members worldwide.”  It was said by Amazon that, in the third week of December, they signed up over 3 million Prime Members.

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