There are some who feel that Amazon wants to turn Alexa-enabled devices into vehicles for advertising.

According to the Amazon VP, the answer to this would be no.

Last week at Fortune magazine’s conference in California on Most Powerful Women Next Gen,” Toni Reid, Amazon VP of Alexa experience and Echo devices, pointed out the continuation of a service-based monetization model for the platform.

Se said that there were “no plans for advertising,” noting that customers pay for services such as Amazon Music Unlimited, among others.

In June, there was an experiment in audio ads for Alexa was discontinued  A report in January said that Amazon was testing consumer brand ads for Alexa was later denied by the giant retailer.

The company introduced a potential revenue stream this past September – “consumables.”  Consumables is premium content sold within skills, the custom applications made by developers and brands for Alexa devices.

It pointed to virtual game products, one-time purchases of interactive stories, subscriptions to premium content and similar in-skill sales.

Alexa has another huge sales opportunity – serving as the voice front-end to the world’s largest store.

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