An important assessment in any SEO audit is determining what kind of hypertext transfer protocol status codes (or HTTP Status Codes) exist on a website.

The codes that can be found on a website can become complex, turning into a hard puzzle that has to be solved before other tasks can be finished.

If a page suddenly disappears with a 404 not found status code, you would need to look over the server logs for errors ans figure out what happened to that page.

If you are working on an audit, other status codes can be a mystery, and further digging may be required.

These codes are segmented into different types:

  • 1xx status codes are informational codes.
  • 2xx codes are success codes.
  • 3xx redirection codes are redirects.
  • 4xx are any codes that fail to load on the client side, or client error codes.
  • 5xx are any codes that fail to load due to a server error.

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SourceBrian Harnish