In regards to Google Analytics accounts, there are usually going to be several individuals that have access to them, and each of them that have various levels of access to said accounts.  Overseeing all those individual permissions (since people are always coming and going) is becoming easy with the introduction of user groups in Google Analytics.

Last week, it was announced that user groups can be used to organize access and control product permissions across entire teams.  In order to gain access to this feature, the organization you’re apart of has to be subscribed to at least one Google Analytics 360 Suite product.

According to a Google spokesperson, “We built user groups at the [Google Analytics] 360 Suite organization level so they can be shared across many accounts, and in the future, many Suite products.”

Here’s how to set up a user group in Google Analytics:

  1. Navigate to the User Management section from the Admin page, which can be found by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom of the left-hand navigation.
  2. Then click on the plus sign icon in the upper right corner and select “Add new groups.”

If you currently don’t have a 360 Suite Organization account made and linked to Analytics, a notice will appear that says that you’ll have to set the company up as a new Analytics 360 Suite organization.

In order to create a 360 Suite Organization account, you have to be a user on at least one of the 360 Suite product accounts, like Tag Manager, Analytics or Optimize.

After getting the user groups are enabled and set up, it’s possible to assign permissions for the 360 Suite and for individual product accounts within the Suite.  Any member of a group will inherit that group’s permissions and keep what ever permissions they have seperately.

If you want to learn more about structuring user groups, see the help center page.

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