quality-web-traffic2Because of Google, we have been pretty lucky in the land of SEO and search.  Over the last year, Google has been releasing some great traffic boosting campaign types that can really help us out.  As an example, Googlehas released search ads and product listing ads (PLAs).

Even though getting more traffic is great overall, it’ll be a good idea to be sure that the people coming in to visit your site are quality visits.  More traffic doesn’t always mean great traffic.  Just because you have a huge box of chocolates doesn’t mean that you’ll get all the great fudge and caramel that you could want.  You’ll probably get a good amount of  chocolates that taste bad as well.  Basically, you’ll want to be sure that the increase in traffic is actually good by comparing it against Analytics metrics.

In an article entitled How To Analyze Quantity Vs. Quality writes about how to check your Your-On-Year data, and why you want to do that.  Finally, Rebekah will show you how to check if your traffic quality has actually improved.

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