seo-mistakesIt seems that even thought you’d think that running multi-location and small businesses online everyday would make a number of people experts in local and organic search.  Naturally, that’s not always the case.  Even after a while, people can still be stumbling around in the dark, not know what it is they’re supposed to do to get high up there on Google’s search results.

Fortunately, there are those who have gotten the hang of things and are totally willing to help others out in their time of need.  One of the folks who have taken the time to help out others is , the founder of Local SEO Guide.

More than likely, if you’ve stumbled upon this blog post, or the post I’m going to point you all to, you probably have some issues when it comes to local and organic Google rankings.  In this case, Andrew has the perfect post for you (this was the the post I referred to), and it’s all about asking him anything!

Andrew’s post is done in the style of a Reddit AMA, which is short for Ask Me Anything.  The post contains user asked questions, and Andrew answered answers to those questions.

Go check out Andrew’s post now on Search Engine Land now!

Search Engine Land: AMA: Common Local SEO Mistakes Made By Businesses Big & Small