Animate Your Social Media Marketing With GIFs

Gif When it comes to blog and Facebook posts, tweets, and other similar types of content, images have always helped spruce up your text.  You want to write up about dog walking for you next big blog post?  Put in some pictures of dogs with their owners on a beautiful summer day walking down the street.  Is there an idea for a post that discusses dentistry?  Include some happy people in working in a dentist’s office.  Images can really make a boring post or blog really stand out.

But for a long time now, there has always been a battle between GIFs and JPEG images.  Which one do I use?  Even though, in my opinion, there’s a time and place for everything, GIFs are always going to win.  Why?  Because they’re animated, that’s why!  They’re much more eye catching than the boring old still-framed JPEGs.  One source we have to thank for the recent popularity of animated GIFs would be Tumblr, especially in the US.

One type of animated GIF that has been soaring in popularity are the “Reaction GIFs.”  Check out Google Trends for the keyword “reaction gif.”  The interest of animated gifs has been so strong since March of 2010 that it has been peaking around this time last year.  The popularity of reaction GIFs have been predicted to continue climbing into April of next year.

Based on this information, it’s pretty obvious that animated GIFs are going to be around for a while.  It wouldn’t hurt to be able to integrate them into your own social media posts and marketing campaigns.  If you are interested in doing just this, then check out  post on using animated GIFS in your social media marketing.  Check out the link below to read on!

Marketing Land: Animate Your Social Media Marketing With GIFs