Announcing MozBar 3.0: the Free, Completely Redesigned SEO Toolbar

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Moz-logoToday we have witnessed the release of an update to the MozBar browser extension, available from Moz.  As some of you have probably guessed, this SEO toolbar is available to Chrome users, but will be released for Firefox in a few weeks.  Plus, the extension is free to use.  Free is a very good price, isn’t it?

So, what exactly is the MozBar, and what does it do?

Well, the MozBar extension gives you on-page access to Moz’s link metrics and site tools and displays some useful data all in a single bar up on the top of your browser.  MozBar gives you easy access to three different aspects of your website including, SERP analysis, Site and competitor research, as well as Link profile analysis.

Jon White has given us a detailed look into how these three features work in version 3.  To check out these details, you can check out Jon’s link at the bottom of this page.

Moz Blog: Announcing MozBar 3.0: the Free, Completely Redesigned SEO Toolbar

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