Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen two studies That took a look at the impact of feature snippets in Google’s search results.  There is a new one that came out on June 13 from Visme, which was published on the Ahrefs blog, showing how search results with featured snippets lead to an 18.5 percent decrease in clicks on the main organic results.

Nayomi Chibana from Visme, after analyzing 5,126 keywords, found 11,065 SERP features, including feature snippets, related searches, image packs and more.  It was revealed by the data that the more features that appeared in a set of search results, the fewer clicks there are on regular, organic results.

The following chart shows Google search results with featured snippets resulting in 1.5 percent fewer clicks than those without the non-organic feature:

It was shown in the study that over half the queries showed featured snippets.  Below, you can see the percentage of time a feature will show in the Google results:

Even though featured snippets are quite likely to show up in the search results, it can e concerning for the site that isn’t showing up as the featured snippet.

This study is filled with great data, and you can read the full study over here.

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