On May 30th, a new study was released by Ahrefs, which showed how featured snippets have a negative impact on clicks to the first organic search results.

Ahrefs had analyzed two million featured snippets and found that the first organic results showed a significant drop in CTR when a featured snippet is present.  When a featured snippet wasn’t present, the first result got a 26 percent CTR, while the first results with feature snippets present got a 19.6 percent CTR, and the featured snippet gets an 8.6 percent CTR.

The study even shows that the presence of a featured snippet means fewer clicks for the organic search results overall:

Out of the 112 million keywords that Ahrefs analyzed:

  • 12.29 percent of search queries have featured snippets in the search results.
  • Only 30.9 percent of featured snippets rank at the very top placement in the organic results.
  • 99.58 percent of the featured snippets are already in the top 10 positions in Google.
  • The vast majority of featured snippets are triggered by long-tail keywords.
  • Wikipedia has by far the most amount of featured snippets in Google.
  • Featured snippets often change sources.

This follows another featured snippets study posted last week by Search Engine Land that looked at 1.4 million queries and hundreds of thousands of featured snippets.

Check out the full results over here.

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