xmas-shopping-online_616Time flies when you’re having fun.  Or when the holidays are practically upon us.  That works too.

As you know, Thanksgiving is almost here, and you know what that means.  It means people will be doing their holiday shopping for their loved ones, and even for themselves as well.  In this situation, paid advertisers have just a few weeks of prep time to get their stuff together and strategize for the holiday season, which will really take off once Thanksgiving ends.

Knowing how to run the best marketing strategy you can will be important if you want to stay on top of not just your own game, but also above as many competitors as possible.  This means reviewing historical holiday performances from years past, which can help guide your bidding and other ad optimizations.  But really, how deeply should you be digging, since a retailer’s merchandise assortment is always turning over from one year to the next?

This is what  is here to help us out with.  Mark has written a post on Search Engine Land called Anticipating What Products Will Drive Your Holiday Paid Search Sales and he is here to help us be able to predict which items are going to be hot sellers this holiday season versus the years before.

Check it out!

Search Engine Land: Anticipating What Products Will Drive Your Holiday Paid Search Sales