Is There Anything That Online Marketers Can Learn From Infomercials?

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Internet-marketingAll of us have seen them.  Those infomercials that seem to play either late at night or those really weird channels that a lot of “normal” people don’t typically watch.  We’ve seen commercials for blenders that can blend anything, knives that can cut through pennies (like we need our pennies cut in half!), exercise machines, diet products and beauty merchandise.  We see these commercials and we roll our eyes because we know that these products can’t be all they’re cracked up to be.

That blender can’t really blend that much stuff.  That knife can’t really be that strong and sharp to cut through that penny or can.  Plus, why would we need something that strong and sharp in the kitchen?  Infomercials can come off as silly and cheesy.

But, behind all that stuff though, are some good lessons we can take away from these extended commercials.  In an article written by WorkflowMax, online marketers can actually learn something from infomercials.

Follow the link below to learn eight lessons that online marketers can take home after watching infomercials:

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