twitter_logo1-CopyTwitter announced this week that it will track which mobile apps users download in order to improve its ad targeting capabilities.

On that note, if you’re using the mobile version of Twitter, you’ll eventually be prompted with, “To help tailor your experience, Twitter uses the apps on your device.”

You can go into your settings and opt out, but if you choose not to do anything, you will allow Twitter to see what apps you download to your device.  Using this information, Twitter will be able to create an App Graph, which will allow them to better understand user behavior and interests.

But what’s an App Graph, you ask?  It would be similar to Google’s Knowledge Graph or Facebook’s Social Graph.  It’s basically a way of structuring information.  In this case, apps can be a great source of data for companies who are looking to enhance customer profiles.

For more information of Twitter’s App Graph, you can check out  post on Marketing Land, called Are App Graphs The Next Big Thing In Search?