14826-apple-logo-1366x768-computer-wallpaper (1)Lately, Apple has been doing what they can to improve the mobile in-app ad experience, and in order to do that, they launched iAd, but it never really made the splash that the company was expecting.  Advertisers weren’t impressed with the sky-high rates, executing ads wasn’t easy, and the company held on tightly to the data.

Buzzfeed is reporting that Apple is in the process of moving away from the original hands-on approach and is changing to a system were publishers can sell directly to their customers.  The company is apparently planning to dismantle the iAd ad sales team, maybe within a week.  But this is speculation at this point, as Apple hasn’t commented on that point.

According to the Buzzfeed report, Apple is updating the iAd platform, which will enable publishers to sell directly to buyers without the need to go through an ad tech middleman or iAd sales team.  What could this update mean for the company’s programmatic partners?  We’ll have to wait and see.

In a report by eMarketer, compared to Facebook, Google or Twitter, iAd mobile display ad revenue came in last in 2015.



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