apple-iphone-5-patentsThere have been a number of announcements made at Apple’s WWDC event on Monday, including many search related features and a new and improved iOS 9 method for App Deep Linking.

With deep linking, app developers will be able to communicate what content can be found within their apps, as well as having a way to specifically trigger links and actions to specific pages or sections of their apps.  Users will be able to discver and access informatin within your app “even when it isn’t installed.”

Found within Apple’s developer docs, there is a part that says that when you adopt deep linking, you’ll see an “increase the usage of your app” and more importantly “improve its discoverability by displaying your content when users search across the system and on the web.”

In the following screen shot, which are all based on the keynote at the WWDC event, we find ourselves searching for

[potato] in iOS 9.  In these shots, we are shown content from within the Yummly app.



If you clicked on any of the recipes listed below, it will trigger the app to open directly to that page int he app.

Apple gave an example in their developer docs:

For an example of how this works, imagine that your app helps users handle minor medical conditions, such as a sunburn or a sprained ankle. When you adopt iOS 9 Search, users searching their devices for “sprained ankle” can get results for your app even when they don’t have your app installed. When users tap on a result for your app, they get the opportunity to download your app. Similarly, users can get results for your app and related web content when they search for “sprained ankle” in Safari. Tapping on a result in Safari takes users to your website, where they can download your app from your App Banner.

If you’re interest on how to implement these into iOS 9, you can check it out over here


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