There seems to be something up with iOS 8 Maps, according to Cult of Mac.  It seems that that the Apple maps feature is giving people a choice of apps to use for directions.

Below you’ll see an image that shows that once a user has chosen a destination, that user will be able to choose directions from, in theory, any map-related app that is currently installed on their iPhones.

Starting in iOS 8, users will be able to run a search for locations in Apple Maps and use either Apple’s own driving and walking directions, or switch directly to another app already installed on your device via a simplified menu. 


In this new feature, users will be shown  other maps that they can download.  What’s cool about this idea is that this creates a way to discover different apps that people can use.

Because of this, you can choose your favorite mapping app, so if you don’t really like the way Apple does their mapping, you can move over to Waze or Scout instead.  If there is a really good public transit app that you like, you can begin on Apple Maps, but end up using your directions or routing using another app.

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